Gunman Airsoft Newsletter – July 2021

Hi Everyone!

Yes it’s that time again for our monthly newsletter. Letting you guys know the ins and outs of what we have been up to in the last month and what’s to come.

First however we must start with some truly heartbreaking news.

After a short battle with Meningitis, Robbie’s wife Emma sadly passed away last week.

Emma lived to help others and worked tirelessly to make sure everyone that needed help got it, whether that was family, friends or as part of her job working at Soham Lodge in Cambridgeshire were she was loved by all the residents and their families.

Her happy, warm personality was impossible to ignore and she immediately brightened whatever room she entered.

Emma leaves a huge hole in our lives and of course with her son Lorcan and Robbie who is beyond heartbroken and devastated.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you both in this time of tragedy. 

So to site news.


The site continues to go from strength to strength and continues to welcome plenty of new, and familiar faces every month. 

Night games returned during June and we are planning to continue with these as soon as possible.

We have been inundated with requests for our filmsim games to return. We have listened to you guys, and we are planning to welcome these back in August. Stay tuned for more info soon.

While Rob is away, Josh and the marshal team will continue to provide fantastic weekends of airsoft.

Battle Lakes

Val and the BL team are back this month with a brand new filmsim story, codenamed: The Fuel Wars. Join them to find out what happens when a fuel crisis sparks armed conflict in the US southern states, where Homeland is struggling to fight back. 

Battle Lakes will also be bringing back full weekend bookings so you can join us for both days of airsoft goodness without the travel.

Camp Alpha

Johnny and the Alpha crew return this weekend with another epic filmsim of their own – Operation: Dragon’s Teeth. 

Find out what happens when Trump is re-elected and throws the world into crisis. With a new superweapon threatening global security.

Full catering is also back onsite and will be available all weekend.

IMPORTANT – Alpha has also enacted a sniper ban on all weapons that chrono above 350fps due to extreme overgrowth in some areas.

Camp Bravo

Boston and the Bravo team are taking a few weeks off after months providing packed weekends filled to the rafters of airsoft goodness.

Business as usual will begin again at the end of the month when they return for a classic night game/skirmish weekend.

That’s not all however; in September Camp Bravo will also be hosting their first Airsoft Boot Fair on the 18th/19th September between 10am-3pm each day. They plan to have a number of airsoft retailers, techs, and a fully stocked cafe for food and drink. Not to mention the massive range of activities: from airsoft, to laser tag, to mini tanks that will also be available on the day. Stay tuned for more information.

And finally…….

With final restrictions due to be lifted later this month, we will still be encouraging face masks in any indoor areas. However, this will now be your choice. We will also continue to place sanitiser stations at all our sites for your use.

We need to remember that while we move closer every day the pandemic is not over yet.

Well that’s another month done and once again a massive thank you to everyone that has joined us at any of our sites and supported us in these first few months back.

If you have any questions or suggestions please get in contact on social media or email us at

As always keep safe, look after each other and we will see you soon.

The Gunman Team

Gunman Airsoft Newsletter – June 2021


Hey everyone, We hope you are keeping well and enjoying the rare warm weather.

It’s time once again for our monthly newsletter and we have a few updates for you from across the company.

Firstly we will be continuing with our £15 walk-on deposit bookings (You can do this through our website). Please be aware that the rental packages still require payment in full to secure the booking.

We also wanted to thank you for your patience while we dealt with a major loss of service on our website earlier in the month. The issue has now been rectified by the provider, and the website is back up and running. 

We will however, be conducting essential maintenance on the website at around 2am on Thursday 17th June. This will last for a few hours but should be back up and running afterwards.

Now on to site news:

At Tuddenham this month we have the return of the much requested “night games”. They will start  this Friday (18/06). We also have special guests Valkyrie Airsoft joining us on Saturday 26th. They are bringing lots of goodies as well as their Attack Sense targets for a little shooting competition.

July will mark the return of our filmsim games but with a twist. 

These will now be called “Filmsim: Missions” and they are designed for people looking to get into our filmsim events, which are held at all our sites around the country. These game days will be one long scenario throughout the day with limited ammo and medic rules. They are designed to give you a taste of what filmsims are all about, and we are really excited for you to experience it.

Johnny and the team at Camp Alpha are once again preparing for an epic filmsim weekend, codenamed: “The Drop.”

Set in the near future players will fight over random resource drop locations in order to secure the most supplies for themselves. But be warned these supplies will not be left unguarded.

The kitchen at Alpha will also be reopening, serving their locally sourced burgers and a selection of cold drinks at lunch time.

Camp Bravo welcomes our sister company this weekend with the next chapter in their epic Vietnam series titled “Air Cav.”

Boston and the team are hard at work getting the site Nam-ified including the installation of a new sound system to pump out the Vietnam era tunes.

Spaces are still available so if you want to make the jump to Vietnam airsoft you can book at and dive in.

The following weeks they will be back to their classic long weekends of airsoft; starting with their night games on Friday, followed by a whole weekend of skirmish action.

Finally our newest site – BattleLakes will return with Part 2 of their new filmsim series called “The Kladestine Coup” set after the events of Part.1. A civil war is brewing between the remaining commanders of the KLA (Kladestine Liberation Army); meanwhile, the remaining US special forces in country have confirmed something far worse…..

Join Val, Josh and the team to find out what.

In regards to our Covid restrictions –  these will of course remain in place until further notice after the recent announcement from Boris. Otherwise it is business as usual, but if you have any questions regarding this or anything to do with airsoft please get in contact. 

Finally to book any of the games mentioned above (excluding the Vietnam game) just head over to

That’s pretty much it for this month. 

Stay safe, look out for each other and we will see you in the field.

The Gunman Team

Gunman Airsoft Newsletter – May 2021


Wow! What a first month back.

All four sites have been hugely busy over the last month and we have welcomed hundreds of new and old faces to our sites over the last few weeks.

We are truly staggered by everyone turning out to join us and would just like to say a massive thank you to all of you for supporting us in this first month coming out of lockdown. It is truly humbling to see and we can’t appreciate this enough. You guys keep this hobby going and allow us to bring you awesome games on awesome sites throughout the country and we have much more planned for the future.

Now we have a few updates for you.

From June, across all sites we will only be asking for a £15 security deposit to secure your walk-on space for a game, with the £10 balance to be paid on arrival. 

Please note that we will only consider transferring deposits in exceptional circumstances.

While restrictions continue to lift we must still maintain social distancing guidelines and the rule of 6 until we are informed otherwise. While it is certainly looking positive for the future we are not there yet and we will continue to ask that all of you continue to follow these restrictions until further notice.

We continue to plan our legendary Gunman Weekender that takes place at our Hertfordshire site on the August bank holiday.

Restrictions permitting we intend to go ahead as planned and booking is now open on our website.

With multiple factions and player classes to choose from and an overarching story, if you are looking for a great way to spend your bank holiday weekend then this is for you. 

For more info and to book just head over to and choose your faction and class.

This weekend we have all four sites open once again so you are spoilt for choice. 

Tuddenham and Camp Bravo (Eversley) are running their classic skirmish weekends and Bravo is even including a night game on Friday night to start your weekend right.

With fast paced scenarios based on multiple game types and objectives. This is airsoft at its classical best.

If you’re looking for something a bit more than a skirmish then Camp Alpha (Eversley) and Battle Lakes are running epic story based filmsim weekends. With medic rules, limited ammo and weapon classes this adds something more than a skirmish and is perfect for airsofters wanting to try something different.

We are continuing with work to all four sites with new features being added regularly and all sites being maintained and refreshed as much as possible.

Of course if you guys have any ideas or feedback by all means get in touch. We love chatting to you guys about all things airsoft and you can get in contact on our Facebook or Instagram pages or you can email us at and let us know your thoughts. 

Stay safe, look out for each other and we will see you soon.

The Gunman Airsoft team.

Gunman Airsoft Newsletter (14/04/2021)



Yes, after months of waiting we are within days of our epic re-opening weekend. As mentioned in our previous newsletter this is the first time we will be running all four of our sites at the same time. We’re ready and we’re sure you are to.

Now with our reopening in mind we have certain additional guidelines on some sites that go alongside the standard Covid restrictions that we are all familiar with.

These will be posted on each site’s social media pages in the coming days and it is each player’s responsibility to be familiar with these additional guidelines. They are there for everyone’s safety and will allow us to continue to operate and bring you fantastic airsoft events.

In other news we announced this week that Gunman Battle Lakes has partnered with Dot Cottons Cafe to supply breakfast and lunch for their game days. Your order must be given in advance and you can do this by emailing The menu can be found on the Battle Lakes Instagram and Facebook pages.

Camp Bravo will also continue to serve hot food through BMS Catering.

Tuddenham will continue to host Vix Snax Shop providing all sorts of treats and snacks at lunch times.

Camp Alpha does not have any food or drink available currently so if you are attending you must make your own arrangements.

As always if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid19 DO NOT ATTEND!!!!

We are more than happy to move your ticket to another date of your choosing and while we know everyone is itching to get back to the hobby it is certainly not worth the risk to yourself and others around you.

That’s it for this week. We hope you all have a fantastic first weekend back.

Feel free to tag us in any photos on social media. We love seeing all your game day pics.

Stay safe, look after each other and most importantly have fun.

The Gunman Team.

Gunman Airsoft Newsletter 07/04/2021

Gunman Airsoft Newsletter


Hey everyone, we hope you are all keeping well and are all as excited as we are for our reopening on 17th April. 

For the first time ever we have a weekend where all 4 of our sites are open and running at the same time. Several of which are completely sold out. 

Our May dates have also gone live in the last few days so if you wish to book your spot  in advance just head over to our open days section and select the date you want.

All of our staff have been hard at work, across all our sites, getting everything ready for your return. They have been keeping areas tidy and constructing new features across all of our amazing sites. We wanted to make use of our time constructively to get things ready for you all.


Robbie and the team have been hard at work building brand new features in and around the new trench system; and working to maintain the whole site, including our much loved CQB village.

Camp Alpha

Johnny and his team have also added new features including new MG bunkers and a new crows nest which looks amazing.

Camp Bravo

Boston and the Bravo crew have been hard at work improving the safe zone area with a new shelter that has just been completed. Lots more lighting has also been added for their very popular night games and new cover features added to the game areas.

Battle Lakes

Josh has been working on maintaining Battle Lakes and has big plans on new features and improvements to the site. He is currently hosting a build day this Saturday (10th April) and anyone who wishes to lend a hand can give him a call on 07711 774401 to discuss this further.

Now for the boring stuff.

While we are all counting down the days until we can play again we must remain as careful as always to protect ourselves and each other. Remember when you arrive at any of our sites you must follow social distancing guidelines and keep to your bubbles, and please follow all instructions given to you by our Marshals.

We will either expect you to work and maintain your gear at either your vehicle or designated areas. These will be assigned to you upon arrival, and facemasks must be worn in any indoor areas.

While we will have a shop available at every site selling consumables (ammo, gas, pyro) these may be scaled back in some areas. This means we may not have other things that you are used to seeing, such as gear or RIFs available straight away.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of this information please do not hesitate to get in contact at or through Facebook and Instagram.

Despite everything that has happened in the last few months we are extremely excited for everything the future holds for us, and we can’t wait to welcome you all back!

Stay safe and we will see you soon.

The Gunman Team.

COVID Update 29th March 2021

As many of you are aware, there has been much debate over the last week as to whether airsoft sites are permitted to operate this weekend with the first stage of restrictions being eased following lockdown.

After much consideration of the available guidelines and rules presented by the government, we are convinced that the following holds true:

Outdoors airsoft sites are permitted to open from 29th March, however, activities are limited to groups of no more than six persons or two households until stage 2 (12th April earliest).

We are aware that many site operators have contacted their local authorities and have been told that no enforcement action will be taken against them if they operate larger games this weekend. We have chosen not to take this route for a number or reasons:

Firstly, the current relaxation measures have been designed to allow people to get outside and partake in small, self-organised activities such as tennis, golf etc which are recognised to have minimal viral transmission risks. The maximum of six persons or two households still applies.

Provision has been made for certain sporting activities to be able to provide for larger groups, under strict controls in games officially sanctioned by there recognised governing body. The national governing bodies (eg the FA etc) have strategies in place which have been pre-agreed at a government level to protect against the spread of COVID-19. Informal or self-organised activities must still stick to the rule of six. This means that you could hire a five-aside pitch at your local leisure centre for a kick-around with up to six persons partaking (and no spectators), but only play a full five-aside match if it was being organised and run by a recognised FA approved official.

Secondly, we have experienced issues with local coucils in the past, where they have agreed (in writing) not to persue enforcement action and have then gone ahead and done so anyway, so we are loathe to rely on their assurances where fines of tens of thousands of pounds and total site closure are potentially involved.

The most likely enforcement on a game weekend would come from the Police, and we are all too familiar (with many recent, high-profile examples) with individual forces and constables applying different interpretations and actions when responding to reports of potential rule-breaches.

Thirdly, this first two weeks of lockdown easing will be closely watched, and people’s actions will have a large effect on whether the proposed second stage of the Government’s roadmap will take place on 12th April or be pushed back further. The press have already reported much irresponsible behaviour in the last two days alone – reports of “large, illegal airsoft gatherings” across the country will do nothing to help either the current situation, or the reputation of airsoft as a whole.

As such, we can confirm that we will not be operating airsoft open days until at least the 12th April, when the second stage of lockdown restriction easing takes place. To do so would be in contravention of the rules and therefore illegal, and whether enforcement takes place or not it would be irresponsible for us to operate as normal.

While we do not agree with the goverment’s decision in this case, and believe that properly organised airsoft games pose a lower risk than many other currently permitted activites, we will respect the law and hold off until we are 100% legal to do so in stage 2. We hope that this will be possible on the weekend of 17th & 18th March.

New home for events!

With so many open day airsoft events as well as special themed events planned for the year ahead and beyond, we have decided to separate the two categories to different websites.

We hope that by doing so, the unique nature of the experience provided on Filmsim events will be emphasised, and remove any confusion between what we provide on these compared to an open day run at Gunman Airsoft sites.

The long-postponed Okto Eight Milsim and Cold War events which have been moved to April and May will remain on this site, all future events will be hosted on

We are unable to transfer account details between the two websites due to data protection laws, so you will need to create a user account on the Filmsim website if you wish to book onto any of the events there. Once you have done this, we can manually transfer any outstanding credits on request.

All open-day airsoft bookings will continue to take place through this website.

Once again, we thank you all for your ongoing support, especially over the last year with the constant stop-start of our activities, and look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Gunman Airsoft Covid19 Update Feb 2021

As per the government guidelines Gunman Airsoft will be reopening as of Saturday 3rd April across all of our sites. We can’t wait and we know you guys can’t either.

As per our previous exits from lockdowns the current Covid restrictions will apply. Parties of 6 per group and social distancing to be maintained per the current guidelines. Facemasks to be worn in all indoor areas as before. Full details of all guidelines are available at

For anyone who already has a ticket from December just send us a email at with your preferred date and we will get you booked in.  For the next 14 days starting tonight we will guarantee a slot for the day of your choosing.

Anyone that is waiting for a refund, these will be processed before the end of April but sooner if we are able. We really appreciate your patience in this regard.

Stay tuned to our specific site Facebook and Instagram pages for specific game dates. And if your not following us make sure you give us a like and a follow.

Any questions please ask and we will do our best to respond but please be patient.

Stay safe and we will see you all soon. 


The goalposts have changed once again, and we now find ourselves in a position where all our sites will be in tier 4 areas from Boxing Day. We’ve pored over the rules and put a lot of painstaking thought into whether we can operate or not, and although we are confident that we can run safely and within the law, we don’t believe that it would be responsible for us to do so with the current high rates of infection circulating.

As a result, we will now have to cancel our “Who Ate All the Pies?” games at both our Tuddenham and Eversley Alpha sites on both the Sunday and Monday.

During the previous two national lockdowns, many of you were supportive enough to allow us to move your cancelled game ticket to a future event once we exited the lockdowns rather than demanding a refund. We cannot fully express our gratitude for this – we are a small business, and our sole income is from activities which have now been forced to shut down three times this year.

We would be immensely grateful once again, if anyone who is able to, is willing to accept a credit towards a future event of your choice as soon as we are permitted to operate again.

We will make every effort to honour any refund requests for cancelled events as soon as we are able, however we will be unable to do so immediately while we have no income. Anyone requesting a refund will get placed on a list, and we will work our way through the list as quickly as we are able.

Please bear with us during this difficult time – we remain committed to ensuring that none of our customers lose out financially because of government restrictions.

As we can’t be certain at this point what the situation will be in the new year, we have also taken the decision to cancel the WWII game planned for 30th January and reschedule the Cold War event planned for the 9th & 10th January.

The Cold War event will now be moving to 12th & 13th March and will be held at our Battle Lakes site in Kent. Your existing deposit will be transferred over to the new dates so you don’t need to do anything unless you can’t make it. If you cannot make the new date or venue, please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange for a credit or refund for you.

The Okto Eight MilSim has also been rescheduled to 27th & 28th March – the site remains unchanged, the same applies as regards to deposits as the Cold War gam above.

We will be contacting all ticket holders via email soon to inform them of the changes.

We have had to make a decision today based on very little information from the Government and with great conflict between what’s best for the business, our customers, our staff, ourselves and our families, as well as the UK community at large. The tier 4 rules do not appear to specifically prohibit us from operating, but one of our core values from day one has always been “spirit of the rules” rather than trying to find loopholes to get around the “letter of the rules”.

It has pained us to make the decision to cancel this weekend, but we believe this is the most responsible and morally sound course of action and are sure that we have your support in this difficult conclusion.

Josh and Doug will make every effort to be available to answer any questions you may have over the next few days, but if you could contact us via email unless it’s urgent, we would really appreciate the time with our families as we brace for another rough period ahead.

We hope that you are all able to enjoy the holiday period as best as you can. Please keep yourselves and others safe by sticking the the guidelines, and hopefully it won’t be too long before we see you all back out in the field.

Tier 4 Update

Following this evening’s announcement on tier 4 introductions, we just want to assure you that we will still be running games at both Tuddenham and Eversley Alpha tomorrow as planned, numbers may be a litter thinner than expected due to our proximity to tier 4 areas, so any extra players will be most welcome.

If you will be in a tier 4 area from midnight and unable to attend please drop us an email with your details so we can transfer your booking to a future date when your tier is reduced.

We would also appreciate if anyone booked for next weekend’s “Who Ate All the Pies?” games could drop us an email in the next few days to confirm whether they will still be attending or not so we can gauge attendance numbers.

We have cancelled next weekend’s games at Battle Lakes which is now in a tier 4 area – dates for next year will be announced as soon as we know the tiers have been relaxed for Kent.

Stay safe guys, see you soon.