Newsletter Week 51 2020

With the change in tiers this week, we’ve had a lot of questions regarding how it affects our games. We’ll try to clear a few questions up for you if we can – please bear in mind that we are only familiar with the English tiers, if you are coming from Scotland or Wales, then you will need to check how that affects you.

Firstly, the stuff that is definitely ok:
We can continue to run our games as we have been doing, this is the case across all three tiers.
Customers from any tier level are permitted to attend our sites and partake in airsoft activities.

The “not-so-definite” bit:
If you live in a tier 3 area, you are advised to “Avoid travel” unless it is essential. The wording here appears to allow for flexibility and discretion, as things that are outright banned are very clearly presented as “You must not…”

Our take on it is that it doesn’t appear to be against the law to travel to an airsoft game from a tier three area, but it is recommended that you don’t to help prevent the spread of the virus. You will have to make your own decision based on your personal circumstances as popping a couple of miles down the road may be considered ok, whereas driving for four hours may not.

If you choose to attend our games from a tier 3 area, you are welcome to do so provided that you continue to follow the tier 3 rules whilst on site (social distancing etc) – this does appear to preclude overnight stays as well.

If your judgement is that it would be wiser for you to remain at home, we will support your decision by offering to transfer your tickets to a future date, provided you contact us in advance of the game to allow us to allocate your space to another player.

The same goes for mandatory self-isolation: if you find that you have to self-isolate, please contact us with as much notice as possible to have your booking moved.

Please note that we will be unable to offer refunds in either case, we will also not be able to provide ticket transfers for those who do not contact us in advance.

We will be publishing some of next year’s dates in the next week, starting with January’s open days at all sites. Spaces will still be limited due to social distancing requirements, so please ensure you book in advance.

This weekend we are gearing up for the holiday season with the first of our “Santa vs Elves” Xmas themed games. Fancy dress is optional, but we will be identifying teams by means of a red or green Santa/elf hat – if you can bring these it would be very helpful as we are very limited in what we can dish out. As the game revolves around collecting presents, it would also be really helpful if everyone could bring a fake present with them – the more objectives the better!

Tuddenham and Eversley Alpha are hosting this weekend’s FilmSim based silliness, as well as next weekend’s “Who Ate All the Pies?” Xmas skirmish spectacular.

Next weekend we are running on the Sunday and Monday at both sites – if you turn up on Boxing day we won’t be there! You’re welcome to do some tidying up while you’re there though…

As attendances are now starting to reduce we now find ourselves in a position to be able to accommodate walk-on customers at some of our open days. We still have to ensure social distancing, however, so these spaces are on a very limited basis and we cannot guarantee to fit you in if you turn up without ringing first.

Tickets can still be booked online until midnight before the game and will guarantee you a space. If you find you can attend on the morning of a game, please ring the site contact number (found on the website event page) to confirm availability. The site manager is usually available from 0700.

Rental tickets must still be booked in advance as we can’t “squeeze one more in” if we don’t have the kit!

Newsletter Week 49 2020

We hope you’re all looking forward to this weekend as much as we are! We’re kicking off the month with skirmish weekends at Camp Bravo, Eversley and our new Battle Lakes site in Kent. There are still some spaces left for you to get tickets last minute if you haven’t done so already.

Because we had to postpone the opening of Battle Lakes for a month and we’re really excited about it, we’ve added extra dates next weekend. We will be running a Battlefield themed game on this huge site, so get booking!

We’re headed into that time of year where we get a bit sillier than usual, with our Xmas themed Santa Vs Elf game coming to all of our sites – bring a hat if you can (or better yet a full outfit!) – forget “tacticool” for a month and get your bright red or green game on!

We also have our ever-popular post Xmas “Who Ate all the Pies?” skirmish weekends lined up. Short, fast-paced games designed to give you a chance to work off the extra lockdown and Xmas calories as well as show off any shiny new kit…

Don’t forget that our activities are permitted to go ahead even in tier 3 areas which is excellent news. We also want to remind you of our commitment to ensuring that none of our customers end up out of pocket due to COVID; if you have to self-isolate we will happily transfer your ticket to a future date for you so you don’t lose out. We’d prefer that you stay at home and don’t bring it with you!

We’d like to once again thank all of you for your patience and understanding regarding credits and transfers from cancelled November dates – it’s been a huge help in keeping us up and running as well as being able to continue with site work during the lockdown. If you still have an outstanding ticket, please email us with details of which event you’d like it transferring to – we will be planning next year’s open days in the coming weeks so you can plan ahead.

On a final note, we always get asked at this time of year if we do gift cards. We are proud to announce that these are now available for purchase on our website! Available in several different values, they can be used to buy anything from the website. They are in the form of an emailed code, the purchaser can enter their own email address and print it off if they wish to pop it in a card as a surprise to be opened at Xmas.

Newsletter Week 48 2020

We’re approaching the end of lockdown 2.0 and finally we’ve had some good news! Organised outdoor sports, including airsoft, will be permitted to run after the lockdown ends, even in tier 3 restricted areas. As such, it looks good for all of our planned weekends in December. We are currently constructing an official statement to be released as soon as possible.

If you still have a credit outstanding for cancelled games in November, please email us with your preferred date and venue so we can transfer you across before spaces are filled up.

Don’t forget that next weekend will be our (slightly belated) opening weekend at the awesome Battle Lakes site! If you know anyone who played at the site under Zed’s, we’d love for them to come as well and share their input of the site with us. The scenarios will be short and simple, and played across as many areas of the site as we can manage so we can get a feel for how it plays. Once we’re up to speed with the layout in a few months, we will be aiming to run mostly FilmSim games to make use of large areas or the entire site for longer scenarios. Come along and help us make the site yours!

We are also operating at Camp Bravo on the same weekend – this one will be the last regular skirmish game of the year, after that it’s Xmas themed madness across all sites until 2021!

There are also night games coming up at both Camp Bravo and Tuddenham.

Speaking of Tuddenham, we’ve been busy during the lockdown and have carried out a lot of groundwork at the site including digging trenches. We are hoping to have some photos to show you over the next week, so keep your eyes peeled and follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you haven’t already done so.

Newsletter – Week 46 2020

We hope everybody is keeping well and managing during Lockdown 2.0 – we have now published all of our planned December open days on our website calendar. General ticket sales will start at midday on Wednesday 18th November. In the meantime, if you hold a ticket to a cancelled Open Day from November, please email us with the date you would like your booking transferred to and we’ll get you on before general sales open.

If you are unable to transfer to a December date, we will happily transfer your ticket in the new year for you instead.

We are really excited to have our first open days at our new Battle Lakes venue in Kent on 5th & 6th December, especially as we had to cancel the previous one at the last minute! We would very much welcome input on the weekend from previous players who used the site when Zed’s Adventures were running it, as it will be the first time that we’ve actually played on it. We expect the first few turnouts to be reasonably small compared to what the site can accommodate, so we plan on running shorter, skirmish scenarios in smaller areas of the site initially before moving on to full on FilmSim days as soon as possible.

Obviously, it’s that time of year again, so December will mostly be Xmas themed games which are not to be taken too seriously. Please at least be prepared to wear a bright red or green hat for team ID on the day, and bring your own if you can. Bonus points for full santa/elf/reindeer costumes!

We have two styles of Xmas events lined up for you – our annual FilmSim “SANTA vs ELF” games which see the evil ELF soldiers trying to ruin Xmas by bring down Santa’s sleigh with a SAM. The crack team of S.A.N.T.A. special forces will be trying to retrieve all of the scattered presents from the ELF’s clutches and save the day! This is not our usual FilmSim day, please don’t try and be “tacticool” and moan because you’ll get spotted in a red hat, just come and have some silly fun but using the FilmSim rules.

It would also be immensely helpful if every player could manage to bring along a couple of fake presents for us to scatter around and use as props – the more objectives to fight over, the more fun it is.

We will also be running our annual “Who Ate all the Pies?” post-Xmas skirmish. This year it will be on the Sunday and Monday after Xmas. Loads of fast-paced, shorter skirmish games to keep you moving and working off the extra calories which you will no doubt have taken on over the previous week. Again, leave your “tacticool” at the door and come along with a mind to have some silly fun. Please bear in mind that these events usually sell out pretty quickly and this year we can’t open anywhere near as many spaces as normal (the record was 120 I think), so make sure you decide sooner rather than later.

In the event that any of these events (or future events in the new year) are unable to go ahead due to national or local restrictions being brought in at the last minute, we remain committed to ensuring that our customers do not lose out financially as a result. You guys have been really understanding of the situation so far in accepting options such as holding your booking until a future date of your choice or issuing a gift voucher for the website which has really helped us out. Anyone awaiting a refund should receive it within a few days following the ticket sales going live – we really appreciate everybody’s patience.

Stay safe, we look forward to seeing you all soon.

COVID Update 31st Oct

Following today’s news that England will see a second lockdown for four weeks we have suspended all future ticket sales until we have definite news of when we can re-open our sites along with any capacity limitations.

If you have already purchased a ticket for an event which was planned during for November, we will be in touch with you by email in the next few days once the Government has released full details.

In the first instance we will be asking customers if they are willing to accept a credit towards an event after lockdown ends. Your support in this way will be greatly appreciated, and will ensure that we can return as quickly as possible in a month’s time. Customers helping us in this way will be offered priority booking before the event tickets are opened to the general public after lockdown.

We are still recovering from the first lockdown, but were expecting a potential second, and have taken several measures to ensure that we can hold out for a while and be ready to re-open for you guys as soon as we are able.

Your ongoing support is hugely appreciated, we hope that everybody stays safe and well and we can get through this as best we can. We will try and keep everybody informed as best we can via the website front-page, social media and our email list.

Newsletter – Week 44 2020

Last night’s Halloween game at Tuddenham was really well attended and was spectacularly freaky! Huge thanks go out to everyone who got involved, especially the freaks who did a great job of chasing everyone around and being generally weird. Also, thanks to all the players for not overkilling the freaks. Normal night game service will be resumed next month…

This weekend is end of month, so we are running skirmish games at Camp Bravo and Tuddenham. There are a few spaces left for Tuddenham on the Sunday, but everything else is sold out!

Next weekend, we have our first game at our new venue at Battle Lakes in Kent – Please come and support us at this awesome venue as we get a feel for how it plays. We are also running a skirmish weekend at Camp Bravo, so get booking.

Newsletter Week 42 2020

We’ve had a hugely exciting week with confirmation that we will be taking over running open days and events at the awesome Battle Lakes site near Tunbridge Wells in Kent! The site requires minimal preparation before we start, so we’ve already published three open weekends, with tickets going live at midday on Friday.

This is an amazing site with all sorts of natural and man-made features with great facilities in the safe-zone as well. We will be running a skirmish open weekend on the first Saturday of every month, and a FilmSim open weekend every third Saturday. The first skirmish is lined up for the 7th & 8th of November, with numbers limited to 50 players, so get in quick so you don’t miss out.

Work is continuing at our Tuddenham site, with the guys putting in huge efforts to get the new features up and running that you’ve been patiently waiting for! This weekend is a FilmSim Battlefield special at Tuddenham – featuring our take on some of our favourite video game multiplayer modes, but in a live action style. The “shazam!” defib pads will of course be putting in an appearance for instant revives (or kills) as well as plenty of things that go bang!

Don’t forget that there are still spaces available for the revival of our (im)famous Halloween night operation at Tuddenham as well – secure your place with a £5 deposit and come and help contain the incident at the secret research facility. Torch mandatory, rifles optional, spare underwear strongly recommended…

Next weekend sees the ever popular skirmish open weekends at Camp Bravo and Tuddenham, and after that we’re into November already!

New site announcement!

We’ve had a hugely exciting week with confirmation that we will be taking over running open days and events at the awesome Battle Lakes site near Tunbridge Wells in Kent! The site requires minimal preparation before we start, so we’ve already published three open weekends, with tickets going live at midday on Friday.

This is an amazing site with all sorts of natural and man-made features with great facilities in the safe-zone as well. We will be running a skirmish open weekend on the first Saturday of every month, and a FilmSim open weekend every third Saturday. The first skirmish is lined up for the 7th & 8th of November, with numbers limited to 50 players, so get in quick so you don’t miss out.

Check out the new Facebook page for the site!

Newsletter Week 41 2020

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks with some awesome games at our Tuddenham and Camp Bravo sites as well as the 24hr Descent MilSim at Alpha. Massive thanks to everyone who made it and were able to adapt to the last minute changes.

We also had another great night game at Tuddenham – don’t forget that we are squeezing in an extra night game this month with the return of our freaky Halloween night game spectacular! The chainsaw gimp has been coaxed out of his retirement chest and is straining at the leash to get at you! Tickets are now available on the website, but places are limited and will sell out fast, so get your deposits in.

This weekend we are back at Tuddenham for another FilmSim open event – Sunday is sold out, but we still have three tickets left for Saturday at this point.

Next weekend we return to Eversley Bravo with another FilmSim open event – this one is “Operation Spider” details to follow on the Facebook event page. There are still spaces available for both days, so get booking if you’re interested.

We also have a skirmish open event on at Tuddenham on the same dates (17th & 18th) with plenty of tickets available for both days at the moment.

We have also decided to squeeze in an extra FilmSim open weekend at Tuddenham this month, this special weekend will be a Battlefield theme and will be hosted by Doug to give Robbie a well-earned break!

We have now introduced a new consent/insurance waiver form, we will now need every player to bring a completed form with them to every game – the same for can be used for adults and under 18s and will be all that is required in the way of paperwork (apart from your ticket) when arriving on site. Forms can be downloaded from our website and filled out in advance – we hope that this will help to speed up the signing in process as well as reducing clustering and unnecessary physical contact in the safe zone.

We will have blank forms to fill in on site, but it would really help speed up your experience if you can pre-fill one in advance.

We will also have QR codes on display on our sites now for users of the NHS test & trace app.

For the latest updates on our COVID measures, be sure to check the frontpage of our website, where we will link any new announcements.

COVID-19 Update 18/09/20

We have always put considerable time and effort into ensuring that our sites are operating safely and within the law. Since restarting our games in July, we have consistently gone above and beyond the minimum required of us by law to mitigate the new risks resulting from COVID-19.

As a result, we are satisfied that our existing measures are robust enough to satisfy the new requirements introduced into law this week.

It is now incredibly important that everyone attending any of our events abide by the rules which we have in place. The UK is currently at another tipping point, with another potential lockdown looming on the horizon if conditions deteriorate.

It is for this reason that everyone needs to be sensible and cooperate with all of the measures put into place. None of us want to see our sport suspended again, least of all those of us for whom it is our sole source of income. Please, please, please don’t come to events with the attitude that it doesn’t matter, or that some of the rules are silly and petty, and please remain vigilant throughout your time with us.

Please do not come to site if you, or anyone in your household are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

Groups of more than six persons are not permitted. If you are part of a larger group who wish to attend together you will need to split into smaller sections and remain in these groups throughout your day.

We are still permitting small numbers of players to camp over if they are travelling a long distance – again, you must stay in groups of six or less and do not move between those groups while on site. If you need to camp over, please ensure that you communicate with the site manager before coming so that you know what is required of you.

We are now legally required to take a contact number for at least one person out of every group. We will ask each individual to provide us with a contact number on arrival for NHS track and trace. If you are in a group, we can accept a single contact number for more than one person in the group if the contact is willing to offer it. If you are on site alone we have to take your number.

Contact numbers taken for this purpose will be kept on a paper record for the required 21 days and then securely destroyed. They will not be used for any other purpose than to comply with the track & trace requirements.

Face coverings:

Face coverings are an important part of containing the spread of the virus. They are not there to prevent the wearer from contracting the virus (although they may help reduce the risk). Their primary purpose is to prevent the wearer from spreading the virus to others if they are carrying it but are as yet unaware. This is more likely to occur among young, healthy individuals as these persons are less likely to display severe (or in some cases, any) symptoms if infected.

Please do not be selfish by making silly excuses not to wear a face covering when around others. If you struggle to wear a face covering for longer periods, we recommend a neck snood which can quickly be lifted temporarily when approaching others or entering the shop.

We do, however recognise that there may be a genuine medical reason why some persons are unable to wear a face covering for extended periods, or while engaging in exercise. We expect these persons to make every effort, using other measures to shield others from possible infection, for example maintaining a two-metre minimum distance.

As with all medical conditions which may affect your health, safety and wellbeing while on site, we also expect you to notify the site manager on arrival in case an incident arises during your visit.

Within the car park and safe zone areas, we require the following actions from all customers:

Wear a face covering at all times where possible. We will not be forcing people to do this as all of our safe zone areas are currently outdoors, however we expect everyone to comply if they are able to avoid forgetting.

If you enter a building or tent in the safe zone area, you are legally required to wear a face covering if you are able to do so.

You will need to stick with a social group of six persons or fewer while in the safe zone. Do not go within two metres of others not in this group of six.

Our activities in the game zone are covered under different rules and our existing precautionary measures already take these rules into account.

We ask that you comply with the following while in the game zone:

Maintain a minimum two-metre distance from others not in your six-person group where possible.

If wearing a covering over your nose and mouth you may get within two-metres for very short periods – we still advise that distance is maintained.

Under 18s must wear lower face protection anyway in order to be permitted to play – this has always been the case and is a requirement of our public liability insurance policy.

Players aged 18 and above are already strongly encouraged to wear lower face protection, those choosing not to, do so at their own risk when it comes to injury from BB impacts etc. We require all adult players to wear some form of lower face covering unless they have a genuine medical reason not to do so as mentioned above.

Avoid clustering closely at respawn points or objectives – remember to maintain distance from others not in your six-person group. This is all the more important if you choose not to wear a face covering.

When gathering for briefings/debriefings be alert as to your distancing and avoid getting too close to others.

Physical contact with other players is not permitted – for FilmSim games, modified bandaging rules are in place and in-game casualties should not be moved.

We strongly recommend wearing gloves while in the game zone. Interaction with any props carries a very small risk of contamination and is done so at your own risk – please wear gloves if possible.

Over the next week, we will be listing our open day events for the rest of 2020 on both our website and Facebook pages to help everyone with their planning. We will not be making tickets available for purchase until a month before the event to allow for any changes in capacity or the possibility of event cancellation.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all once again for your continued support and understanding and look forward to seeing you out in the field.