GMA Newsletter Week 25 2020

We’ve had a very busy week, updating the systems on our website, adding all the open days we can fit into the next couple of months and just generally having a “back to the office” re-organisation of things.

We are hugely grateful for all of your support over the last few months and genuinely hope everyone is doing well and adapting to this weird situation as best as you can. Thanks for bearing with us when it came to information flow and response to messages. We will now be fully monitoring the emails and Facebook pages as much as we can from this point on.

Doug has spent the last week tweaking things on the website, there are probably still a few bugs floating around, so please feel free to email him at if you are still experiencing any issues with the new booking and payment system.

One of the driving reasons behind the update was to make the switch to a (hopefully) better and more versatile event calendar, ticket system and payment portal. The new ticket system has enabled us to reduce the amount of ticket choices which we previously had for our events. This should hopefully make things a bit simpler and clearer for everyone.

You can also now create an account on the website. At the moment this is mainly to help you keep track of your orders with us, but the plan is to be able to offer individually tailored discounts and special offers to our regular customers. We have been looking at practical ways to offer some kind of regulars’ rewards since we had to withdraw the loyalty scheme and once we get settled back into some kind of routine, we will put something together.

While we are operating at reduced numbers, we will be requiring everybody to buy a ticket in advance before coming to the game. This will apply to ALL customers without exception. We have always taken pride in being one of the few sites that run open days without the necessity to pre-book, and our staff, Marshals and regular customers have always found some way to pull out all the stops and squeeze those extra few guys in to avoid disappointing anyone. In the current situation it would be hugely irresponsible of us to take this approach, as well as being unfair to those who have made the effort to pre-book. We kindly ask that you respect the current situation until such time as we are able to accommodate more players responsibly and safely.

There are obviously a lot of extra restrictions which we have put in place, please be prepared to operate out of your car boot, we will have very limited space for players’ kit in the usual places and these spaces will need to go to players who have been dropped off. The retail on site will be limited to essentials only – BBs, gas, pyro, eye/face protection etc so come prepared. There will be no food available at the Tuddenham site for the time being.

Once the restrictions start to be relaxed, we will look at ways or re-introducing interactive props, expanding numbers, accommodating non-booked walk-ons and re-starting FilmSim open days.

In the meantime, we have re-opened ticket bookings for the annual GI August Bank Holiday Weekender in Hertfordshire – the size and layout of the site, safe-zone and camping area means that we will be able to run a superb weekend while still complying with social distancing requirements. Tickets are still limited in number and are now available to book on our website.

Ticket price is £75 for the weekend, tickets are secured with a £35 deposit. We have extended the early bird offer, if you enter the code “GI20EARLY” at checkout you will receive a £10 discount on any tickets purchased before 1st August.

The Okto Eight MilSim “Operation Fallen Arrow” has been rescheduled for August 22nd & 23rd at Tuddenham and ticket sales have re-opened for this event on our website.

Our 24hr MilSim event “Descent” will also be going ahead on the new date of 26th to 27th September at our Eversley Alpha site.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Josh, Doug and the crew.

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