Gunman Airsoft Newsletter – April 2022

Hi Everyone!

Apologies for the delay with this month’s newsletter but we are back once again to update you with the goings on of Gunman Airsoft in April moving into May.

April has been an amazing month for Gunman with our sites hosting a massive variety of games and events. From wild west,to modern milsim to filmsim games based on The Division video games. There isn’t much we haven’t done this month and it continues into May.

So let’s see what’s new at our sites around the country.


Tudders has welcomed their new site manager Ash, who has taken over following Rob’s departure on paternity leave and he and the team have continued to put on awesome games every weekend from in depth objective focused filmsim’s to Battlefield themed weekends to good old fashioned skirmish games. It’s been a busy month. They even found time to host our close friends over at OKTO8’s who ran the next chapter in their ever evolving milsim story last weekend which was a fantastic success.

In other massive news for Tuddenham they will also be hosting Gunman Airsofts 20 year birthday celebration event in July. 

This will be a full weekend celebrating many different areas of airsoft, including CQB and sniper time trials, 3 gun competitions and a 6 man team tournament plus a full weekend’s camping and a boot sale on the Sunday to top it off. If this sounds as epic to you as it does to us make sure you head over to our website and get yourselves booked on.

Battle Lakes.

Val and the team have continued their plunge down the rabbit whole of video games this month as they hosted a Division style game for the first time ever at Battle Lakes. It was very well received and the turnout was awesome on both days. We can’t thank you guys enough for your continued support as we continue to build Battle Lakes into the awesome site we all know it is and can be.

Camp Alpha And Bravo

Johnny and Boston joined forces this month and hosted a full month of airsoft at Bravo with a massive 5 weekends of airsoft including the filmsim mid month event usually hosted at Camp Alpha.

The players really enjoyed playing this style of game on a completely different site and it will be something we will definitely be doing again soon.

Of course the awesome skirmish weekends that Boston puts on nearly every weekend continue to be well received and continually enjoyed by their players.

As a slight update to Bravos schedule they will now only be hosting their Friday night games on the first and last weekend skirmish games of the month. All the upcoming dates are up on the website and more are being added every week.

Lastly once it again please look after yourselves and others no matter what. 

If you feel unwell please do not attend. It’s no hassle to move your ticket to another date.

With temperatures on the rise, we can’t wait for the warmer months to return. Time for the gas guns to be brought out of hibernation.

That being said, please be smart and drink plenty of water during the warmer days. Heatstroke and dehydration are not pleasant, trust us on that.

That’s it from us for another month.

Any questions feel free to get in contact at

Stay safe, look after one another and most importantly enjoy your airsoft wherever you go.

See you soon

The Gunman Team