Newsletter Week 29 2020

We had yet another awesome weekend at both the Tuddenham and Camp Bravo sites last week. Thank you all once again.

This weekend we are running at Tuddenham and the Eversley Alpha site on Saturday and Sunday. Places are still limited, but have been increased to 40 per day. There are still a couple of tickets left at the time of writing this, pop to our website to book a place.

Please note that the sniper ban is currently in place at our Eversley sites as the undergrowth is always keen at this time of year and it’s had a few months of nobody running around in it as well, so expect full on Vietnam style jungle! There is now no catering available at the Alpha site this weekend, so please bring some food.

We have got a new 2020 Gunman patch on the way, as soon as they arrive, we will let you know, and you can grab yours at one of our sites.

Thanks again for your continued support and enthusiasm, we’re so glad to be back to doing what we love; providing high quality days of airsoft for you guys.