Newsletter Week 33 2020

With the GI weekender only a couple of weeks away, we have been hard at work making last minute preparations, including the measures which we will be putting in place to ensure COVID-19 compliance.

We will be requiring all players to wear lower face protection – preferably with some kind of fabric incorporated. Please also have a face-covering handy for use in the safe zone for the briefing etc. People camping over will need an individual tent for each household, although the pitch may be shared by up to six persons.

To permit co-operation with the NHS track and trace scheme, we will require each person attending to supply us a contact phone number. This will be kept on a paper record for 21 days after the event and then securely destroyed. It will not be used for any other purpose.

While we will have a shop on site, there will be no browsable area and we will mainly be selling consumables such as ammo, gas etc. Please try to be as prepared as possible. We will also have very limited charging facilities for batteries, so please plan for this and don’t rely on us being able to charge your batteries.

When you arrive on site, you will be greeted by a marshal who will issue each person with a paper copy of the COVID-19 requirements so you can refer to it. It is vital that everyone co-operates with this, as if people disregard the rules the event will have to be shut down.

The usual social on Saturday evening will be restricted to small groups around their own tent pitches – we will not be supplying any food or drink, so make your own arrangements. We ask that everyone be extra sensible especially in regard to their alcohol intake to avoid getting too relaxed and failing to observe social distancing.

One warning will be issued to any group breaching the social distance rules, a further breach will result in the whole group being ejected from site – take responsibility for yourself and your friends!

Running a larger event at this time has taken a lot of planning and preparation as well as the co-operation of the venue owner. We are very fortunate to be able to run this year, but it requires everybody to comply with the rules to ensure safety. Please be prepared for any other changes which may have to be implemented at short notice.

We will be publishing a complete list of the measures and requirements in place for this event as soon as we have everything finalised.

September is nearly upon us and, as promised, we are returning to our previous pricing at our open days. Walk-on tickets will be back to £25, rental packages will be back to £40. A ticket is still required for entry to ensure that we keep player numbers at a level which we can manage safely – please do not just turn up on the day. We know that some of you are unable to commit until the last minute, so we have kept the booking open until the night before.

We are now permitting camping on our sites in limited numbers, small groups of up to six may pitch together, but individuals may not share a tent unless they are from the same household or “support bubble” as recommended by the government.

We have also moved our email system to our own server, so make sure you check your spam box if you’re expecting an email from one of our addresses just in case.