Tier 4 Update

Following this evening’s announcement on tier 4 introductions, we just want to assure you that we will still be running games at both Tuddenham and Eversley Alpha tomorrow as planned, numbers may be a litter thinner than expected due to our proximity to tier 4 areas, so any extra players will be most welcome.

If you will be in a tier 4 area from midnight and unable to attend please drop us an email with your details so we can transfer your booking to a future date when your tier is reduced.

We would also appreciate if anyone booked for next weekend’s “Who Ate All the Pies?” games could drop us an email in the next few days to confirm whether they will still be attending or not so we can gauge attendance numbers.

We have cancelled next weekend’s games at Battle Lakes which is now in a tier 4 area – dates for next year will be announced as soon as we know the tiers have been relaxed for Kent.

Stay safe guys, see you soon.