Gunman Airsoft

Skirmish, Filmsim, Milsim


Established in 2002. Gunman Airsoft started on just one site located at the disused airbase RAF Tuddenham in Suffolk.

Today Gunman Airsoft has 4 sites across the country providing all manner of Airsoft games from the fast paced, action heavy skirmish to the slower, more in depth story based filmsim and milsim games. These games can vary from 1 day events to full weekends and more.

Our 4 different sites provide perfect settings for a variety of game scenarios which range from intense woodland combat scenarios, open ground battle or CQB (Close Quarters Battle) situations.

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Our Philosophy

Josh and his team are dedicated to providing high-quality, mission based airsoft games around a simple ideal, to provide the experience of airsoft (not just the game value) in a friendly atmosphere with honor, sportsmanship and fair-play at the heart of everything we do.

We welcome all players, of all ages (12+) and strive to provide a memorable experience every weekend.

Our games range from simple objective retrieval to hostage rescue to vehicle escort all the way up to in-depth recon and execution of multiple objectives over several days.

We draw our inspiration from popular video games and movies, novels, historical events and much more. We are always open to new ideas and welcome any feedback and ideas you have.