Rules for FilmSim Open Days

Our FilmSim rules are designed to offer a more involved, realistic and fun experience than a basic skirmish offers without being too complicated for new players.
The rules below are the basics which we use on our public open days. Themed events often have more complicated rules and mechanics added. The full rules in use will always be read out to all participants prior to the game commencing. Please listen carefully at the briefing.

In order to prevent people running around with several weapons and silly amounts of ammo, we use a class-based system to restrict what you can carry with you in the field. The idea is you pick a class you want to run and tailor your loadout to that class. You can usually change class at any time during a scenario by simply returning to a fixed position in the game area (usually an HQ or respawn point) and switching your loadout in a similar manner to online shooter games such as Battlefield or CoD.

You may carry a certain quantity of ammo in magazines with you at any time limited by your class. The type of magazine does not matter (hi-cap, mid-cap, lo-cap etc) simply the combined total capacity. If your magazines require reloading, this must only be carried out at certain places in the game area (e.g. an HQ, a field pack etc.) – you may carry extra magazines and ammo with you instead of leaving it at your HQ, but please stick to the rules and don’t fill up magazines anywhere else in the field.

FilmSim games are not about rattling through loads of ammo and a tactical play style is expected from everybody. Most players will be assault/rifleman class and will be limited to using semi-auto rather than full-auto (2 or 3 round burst settings may be permitted on some sites). This restriction is put in place to emphasise the more tactical nature of the scenarios and to make support guns more fearsome and actually have a purpose!

All classes may carry a sidearm/secondary (mandatory for DMR and Sniper) with up to 75 rounds of ammo.

Ammo limits are per-class, not per-weapon. You cannot, for example, carry a sniper rifle with 150 rounds and an SMG with 600 rounds at the same time, 75 rounds for the SMG is acceptable if it is carried as a secondary instead of a pistol.


Rules relating to gameplay are intended to impart a bit more realism, and role-play is highly encouraged. Bandages are used to get wounded players back into the action as quickly as possible.

Being wounded when you have no available bandages left.
– Bleeding out after at least two minutes.
– Being wounded while crawling for medical help.
– Being wounded while bandaging or being bandaged (both players KIA).
– Being wounded while moving a casualty or being moved (both players KIA).
– Being killed by a knife (please be quiet if this happens so as not to spoil the sneakiness!)
– If you are stuck in a corridor, doorway etc and getting shot to pieces or people are tripping over you, you may also take a voluntary instant KIA – use your common sense!

FilmSim games are very much about the spirit of the game rather than loads of rules. Every player on the field is responsible for every other player’s enjoyment of the game. If in doubt, die heroically!

The minimum player age is 12, there is no maximum!

All players are required to sign in when you arrive and you will be instructed on the basic outline of the day.

All under 18 player MUST bring a completed consent form with them on each completed by a parent or guardian.

Under 14s MUST have a responsible adult named on their consent form who will remain on site all day to take responsibility for their safety and well-being. The adult does not have to play and may remain in the safe-zone without any extra cost, the adult may be responsible for more than one young player.


This is only a rough out line of the day and we may extend/shorten certain areas to make sure you get the maximum amount of trigger time possible.

We use a variety of game scenarios and missions from simple item collection to more complicated multistage missions with changing objectives and interactive props.

We design all our game scenarios with the view that you are here to play the game, not watch others play, therefore we ensure that there is always a method to get back into the game reasonably quickly after being shot.


The price of our open days depends on whether you have your own equipment or need to rent from us.

Single Day
Weekend Ticket

Rental packages

The rental package includes the basic ticket price, a rental rifle with two magazines (holds 300 rounds) and full eye/face protection as required.

We will also included tactical vests or chest rigs were available.

Good footwear is recommended as well as clothes that you do not mind getting muddy.

We include a free bag of 1000 rounds of ammo with your rental equipment. It’s hard for us to tell you if it will last you all day because it really depends on how trigger happy you get! We sell extra bags of ammo on site at £10 for 3000 rounds, or you can choose to upgrade to the bigger bag before you start for just £5.

If you are bringing your own ammo with you but using a rental gun please let a marshal check them over to make sure they are suitable before using them.

Also if you intend to use your own eye protection and not ones that are provided in your package please let a marshal check these so we know that they are safety rated. You only get one pair of eyes and really isn’t worth the risk of using inferior eye protection.