Gunman Airsoft Newsletter – September 2022

Hey everyone

Apologies for the delay with September’s newsletter. It’s been a hectic month at Gunman towers but even as we move into the colder months we will continue doing what we have always done. Providing top quality airsoft all year through sun, rain, wind, snow or any other weather this lovely country likes to throw at us.

Well the biggest news in September is that night games made a triumphant return to Tuddenham and it was a great evening of airsoft. These games will continue on the last weekend of every month over the winter so make sure you get booked onto one as these are a completely different style of airsoft.

Tuddenham now joins Camp Bravo in offering night games so you have a massive choice of game types when booking with us.

We can also confirm that the sniper ban at Camp Alpha has now been lifted and we want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding over the summer months while this was in effect.

Moving into October that can only mean one thing…….


and this year Tuddenham is going big with our take on a certain well known comic book franchise with a halloween twist. There is so much that is secret for now but there are going to be great characters, props and objectives to accomplish. Tickets for this are selling ridiculously fast so please don’t delay if you are interested in coming along. 

Camping continues to be available at all our sites and if you want to make a weekend out of your airsoft then you can play both days and only pay £40 (walk on ticket price) saving you £10. If you are interested in this please get in touch and let us know which site you will be attending.

Lastly as it starts to get colder and wetter please look after yourselves when playing airsoft. Always make sure you are staying warm and wearing the correct footwear. No one likes having wet feet after all. 

Keep an eye on yourself and your teammates and don’t be afraid to let us know if you have any concerns.

Well that’s it for another month. As usual if you have any questions or queries please do get in touch at

Stay safe, look after each other and we will see you soon.

The Gunman Team.