Newsletter Week 30 2020

We’re starting to get back into the swing of things now with another couple of awesome weekends at both Tuddenham and Eversley Alpha site.

This weekend we are back at Tuddenham again as well as Camp Bravo for two days of skirmish fun. Tuddenham still has some spaces available on the Sunday, so if you’ve missed out over the last couple of weeks, get booked.

General clearance work is well underway at our Tuddenham site, with several of the Marshals putting in some huge efforts to catch up with the weeds and brambles. We also have new structures going up. We now have Robbie as a dedicated site manager for Tuddenham, he has some big plans going forward, the first of which being to re-introduce mid-week night games! The first of these will be in August, the event is up on the website for booking now.

Keep your eyes on the Tuddenham Facebook page for more exciting news as well as competitions with some great prizes.

Our new 2020 patches are now being manufactured, as soon as we have them available we’ll let you know.

Our Camp Bravo site at Eversley is now running evening games on every Wednesday and Friday night – spaces are limited and should be booked by emailing

On a technical note, we have been experiencing some issues recently with the website being slow. Doug is looking into it in an effort to discover whether it’s a hosting problem, or something related to the new booking software. He will be performing some database and server maintenance tonight during which time the site will be unavailable. If it’s not back up and running by the morning he’s probably passed out on his keyboard at 4am again…

We are also experiencing an issue where some of you have not been emailed a ticket. Doug is looking into this issue as well, and hopefully will have a fix sorted soon. The bug has also meant that your name may not have been automatically added to the attendee list used on the gate. Doug is aware of this and has manually added everybody who is affected onto the lists for this weekend. Any issues, get in touch with Doug on 07711 774461 or he is mostly available Wed to Sun but very selfishly has Mondays and Tuesdays to himself, so bear with him on those days (also he’s rubbish at checking Facebook messages!)