Newsletter Week 37 2020

We’ve had several messages in the last few days asking whether the latest COVID measures will have an impact on our events going forward. We’ve had a good read of them and are happy to say that they should not have any effect on our current arrangements.

We currently operate events under the rules and guidelines for organised team sports, which are not covered by the new restrictions, so our existing measures will be adequate.

Please note though, that it is now all the more important for everyone attending our events to do their part to socially distance while in the safe zone, car park or camping areas. Individual groups of up to six persons may socialise closely (please wear face coverings if closer than 2 metres to persons outside of your household), there MUST be a distance of at least two metres between groups.

Groups of persons socialising in the evenings will be closely monitored and no exceptions will be made to the six-person group rules. Once the manager in charge retires for the night, a mandatory curfew will be put in place, requiring everyone to go home or to their individual tents. It will only take one larger group to jeopardise our continuing ability to run events with an evening social atmosphere.

Regardless of whether you think it’s silly or that it doesn’t matter, this is the way things will have to be for a while, if you are not able to fully comply with these restrictions, please leave site immediately after the game finishes, or don’t come in the first place. We are not willing to risk everything that we have worked for over one group’s silliness.

That being said, we have a couple of awesome events lined up for this weekend – Tuddenham is running open days using the FilmSim ruleset, and we have a Vietnam FilmSim event on at Camp Bravo.

Next weekend we are also running FilmSim open days at Eversley Alpha – tickets are running out fast for this one, so make sure you book a space soon if you want to come. We also have a skirmish open weekend at Tuddenham.

The next Okto Eight MilSim event will be up on the website and available for public booking from the 14th – tickets are very limited, so you will need to get in fast to secure a space.

For those of you who have been experiencing registration issues with the website, these should now have been fixed for you. Anyone with a Microsoft email (outlook, Hotmail, live etc) was not receiving the automated emails generated as part of the registration or password reset process.

We have now put some changes in place to penetrate a bit further through Microsoft’s spam defences and are happy to report that our website emails are now at least making it as far as your spam/junk folders! If you have been unable to login, you should now be able to request a password reset email from the login page on the site. Adding to your list of permitted emails may help as well.

If you are experiencing further issues, please email us (enquiries or doug) so that we can help you out.

Just a reminder that although we operate several sites across the country, we have minimal staff dealing with enquiries during the week. As a result, you will get the fastest response from us if you call the main admin phone number 07711 774461 during normal business hours, or email us. We generally do not monitor Facebook messages when we are off the clock or out of the office, so please don’t use this method if you need a fast response. We also work every weekend running events, so usually are not in the office on Mondays and Tuesdays although we will try and answer any phone enquiries if we can.

 We have just acquired individual mobiles for each of our three regular sites. The numbers will be published on our website and Facebook pages once they have been distributed to the managers. These will be for phone enquiries on game days only (for example you’re running late, can’t find the site etc). Please do not expect a fast response from these numbers during the week or on weekends when the site is closed. Text messages may go unread for several days in between games as the site managers generally only work on game weekends.

For admin, tickets, bookings, website and other enquiries, please use our main admin number or email us as the site managers will be unable to answer these kind of queries for you.

We are trying our hardest to be more available to answer your queries, but we are a very small team so please don’t expect corporate response times or 24/7 availability from us.

Stay safe, and we look forwards to seeing you all soon.