Rules For Descent 24hr MilSim

All players start with 2 hits (1 bandage) The first hit can be bandaged by anyone other than the person shot. It doesn’t matter where the bandage comes from.

The Second hit is death unless a combat medic bag is used and a red bandage is put on. Any other hits after this is death. Dead players should stay on the floor for a few minutes whilst the fight concludes and then walk back to their HQ or rally point/Field pack supplies.

Kill rag – a small flannel or towel is placed on the head of the dead player to show they are out of the game. Optional, but recommended, especially if you want to take a breather before heading back to respawn.

When shot the player must react accordingly, call out ‘Arrgh/hit’ and fall to the ground calling for ‘UK medic’ or ‘Red medic’.

If no one gets to you in 5 mins or all your bandages are used up you are KIA.

A shot player shouldn’t be targeted and cannot return fire until healed!!

If a live teammate can get to you they must tie a bandage close to your hit location to make you active again (not round the nexk please!). This must be done stationary and if either player is hit, both are KIA.

Moving wounded: One man with two hands or two men with one hand each can drag a wounded soldier to safety! (Medics can use one hand)

After 60 seconds, you may try to crawl to safety, you must keep calling for a medic and once you start crawling, you cant stop! If you get hit whilst crawling you are KIA.

Dead players ‘DO NOT TALK’. Exception to use the call ‘DEAD MAN WALKING’

If things are getting a bit hairy you make take an immediate KIA! Just put your hand in the air and call ‘DEAD MAN WALKING’. Otherwise you MUST stay on the ground for the full 5 mins.

A hit is anywhere on the body or the gun and ricochet must also be taken, if you think you’ve been hit, take it as your back in the game almost immediately. Friendly fire also counts!

BB Mines + Claymore + Moscarts – if you’re hit by a bb it’s a ‘wound’

Explosive Pyro Effects:

Small structures 5m x5m Whole building is cleared – inside only. Large buildings, 5m hard cover has effect including floor to floor stair wells and corridors.

5m away hard cover has effect – outside only

If hit by a pyro you WOUNDED

Incendiary grenade (red smoke)

Outside only – 5m radius area denial. If an incendiary grenade goes off within 5m of you, it’s time to run away before you burn to death. Don’t worry where the smoke blows, you just need to stay out of a 5m circle around the pyro until it’s finished smoking.

Green smoke – Poison gas (must wear fullface mask/breather).

Yellow smoke – HASMAT only.

Artillery and rocket strikes, 10m away, Hardcover has NO effect.

Extra Armour: If you wear Body Armour or a Combat Helmet you may have more bandages put on before death.

Body Armour = 1 extra bandage – Must be full sized heavy plates.

Helmet = 1 extra bandage – Must be a combat style helmet.

Roles and load outs

Lieutenant (only one per unit of 5 men)

1 Radio to HQ
Begins with up to 300rds


Begins with up to 300rds


Can use a scoped bolt action rifle up to 2.31J (500fps with a 0.2g BB).

Begins with up to 100rds


Begins the game with 6 field dressing (RED bandages) and can heal wounded soldiers by swapping the red one for the white one.
Begins with up to 300rds

Support gunner MMG/HMG – static

Can use a support weapon firing up to 400 fps, Must be a real world support weapon and must be deployed ONLY!
Begins with up to 2000rds

Light machine gunner

Mag fed MG up to 370fps. Must be a real world light support weapon. Can be fired from the hip only. 900 round limit. Mid/low caps only. No winding mags!


Starts with a set of tool/demo bag.
Is the only soldier that can set charges, defuse bombs and use electrical equipment!
Begins with up to 300rds

REAL Steel limits If being used.

Magazines can only be loaded to real deal+5bbs so a 30rnd M16 magazine can only be filled to 35rnds even though it may be and hold 100+rnds.Airsoft is a game of trust, so be as honest as you can with those thumb loaders guys.
You can have NO more than real steal +5 bbs in any magazine but there is no limit to the amount of mags you carry. You should aim for 300 on you and the rest in ammo tins or bandoliers!

NO break in the game so make sure you have food that you can eat on the go! CAN EVERYONE try to stay in the game!

Standing Orders

Reacting to hits – make an effort, if shot in the arm, hold it whilst calling for a medic etc…

No man goes to war alone! If you find yourself alone or your squad dwindles to only 2 men, you cant advance on a position or complete any tasks, you should go to ground and wait until re-enforcements arrive or fallback to your Squad flag or your HQ.

You can only leave a CP (after regen) if you have at least 2 live teammates to push off with (hopefully they will be your squad members)

Officers can move around on their own between units but at their own risk. They are still bound by the restrictions of the standing orders.

Re-loading with a tool can ONLY be done at a controlled HQ, Field Pack, CP or ammo crate.

One of the best pieces of equipment you can carry in the field is a small notebook and pencil, so the game rules can be cut and pasted in and any addition tasks, maps etc be carried into the field. Its only a suggestion but could also be used as a diary of your battles over the years.

Chemical warfare The call of GASGASGAS will indicated the need to wear a gas mask. Some objectives will require them on all the time. If an GREEN or YELLOW smoke is deployed, anyone caught up in a RAD area without RAD protection must die horribly for about 20sec and then KIA back to an HQ (not a CP). Signs will be put up around fixed RAD areas and the smoke will be used for used RAD.

Vehicles at GUNMAN

Unless stated, all vehicles are un-armored and can be take out with an RPG/mine/grenade. If an armor value is assigned then x hit must be made to knock it out.

Command Points ‘CP’

The fixed CP is where you reload your mags or re-spawn after a KIA and can change hands during the battle.

‘Field Packs’ Issued to units, these are rucksacks with flags in. When deployed, the flag must be pulled out and guys can reload and medic from them. To move a Field pack, just put the flag back in and shoulder the pack, then redeploy elsewhere. If you come across an enemy field pack, just put the flag back in it to show its destroyed, and leave it there. The Field pack MUST be taken back to its HQ to gather more supplies and become live again, and this can be done by any live or dead player of the team who own the Field Pack.

The HQ in all cases is ‘OUT OF THE ACTION’ and cannot be attacked unless by order from your command (top brass)

Supplies in the field Ammo crates optional follow the instructions on the crate!

All command radios will be supplied by Gunman but feel free to use our frequencies if you have a radio that will work on our network.